MNEK, “Every Little Word”

“Buzz single” is an adequate term for iTunes Festival opener, MNEK’s latest single, “Every Little Word.” Within the first seconds of the intro, the listener is immersed within a sound scape of hiccuping synths and bleeping samples, before the British vocalist asks the very question you weren’t expecting: “Do you f*ck to this shit?” MNEK’s penchants for blending electronic and R&B/mild Hip-Hop elements, and curt sexuality are immediately reminiscent of Prince’s New Revolution Days and early 90’s R&B groups.

Besides a provocative refrain, however, “Every Little Word” lyrics lack any of Prince’s ingenuity; MNEK’s vocals ultimately prove to be the track’s saving grace. MNEK’s smooth singing conjures images of an underground Ne-Yo, opting for richer vocals and a grittier presence than the latter’s radio-friendly career. Furthermore, MNEK’s vocals weave seamlessly into electronic music, a characteristic reinforced by the singer’s previous features on club tracks from Gorgon City and Rudimental. Between MNEK’s intuitive command of electronic music, retro high-top hair, and sensual vocals, “Every Little Word,” may be the most refreshing treat offered so far at this year’s iTunes Festival.